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Spring Systems or Pulley Systems for your Garage Door Springs

If you hear the works, garage door springs, you may or may not be familiar with the term. However, if you are a homeowner, it is very likely that you have heard the term before. Garage Door Repair NDH in North Druid Hills, Georgia repairs and installs garage door springs. It doesn’t matter the type of garage door that you have, you will need good sturdy springs. Many of our customers want to know what the differences are between the torsion spring system springs and the pully system. It is the torsion springs that are torsion springs and the extension springs, which are on the pulley system. Both make things easier for you when you’re using your garage door but knowing which one is best for you is important, especially if you are having new one installed. Here is a little information that you might find useful

Torsion Garage Door Springs

Again, it is the torsion springs that are use the spring system. The more recently manufactured garage door openers usually are the ones with the torsion springs. They can be found near the top of your garage door. The components are a torsion spring bar that is mounted on a header on the inside of the garage door opening. The actual springs are mounted onto the tube, which is parallel to your garage door. Each end has a drum with cables that connect to bottom brackets on both ends of your garage door. Once the door is opened the cables will move up the door and around its drums. The torsion springs have the strength needed to open and close the door and it is the cables and drums that do the actual lifting. Torsion springs come in different sizes based on the weight of the door. This is calculated once the attached components in place. Torsion springs generally last longer than the pulley system type springs. Doors that are lighter in weight might only require one torsion spring but the larger and heavier doors will use two or more springs.

Extension Garage Door Springs

If you are hearing about a pulley garage door spring system, you should know that whomever is talking about them are actually discussing extension springs with you. Even though this type of system is not as widely used as the torsion spring or spring system, they are still in use in some garage doors today. They do not tend to last as long as the spring system, torsion springs do. Therefore, many people who have this type of system, eventually have it replaced. When the extension springs are attached, there will always be two. This type of spring requires pulleys and cables to open and close your garage door. They need to be properly balanced and in good condition if your garage door is going to move along efficiently and smoothly. Our garage door repair technicians will generally suggest that both extension springs are replaced at the same time since they usually tend to become worn around the same time. When one spring is sturdier than the other, you’ll notice your garage door going up at an angle. When your garage door has extension springs, they stretch when the door closes and loosen once it is opened again. One benefit to the extension springs or pulley system is that they have a safety cable that is attached on both sides of the track and runs through the middle of both springs and then extends to the brackets. This is necessary because extension springs hold a lot of tension and if a spring breaks, all the extra support can keep it from killing someone. No, we are not saying this jokingly. There has been loss of life due to broken garage door springs. Therefore, it is very important to allow trained, qualified professionals to make any necessary repairs to your garage door springs. It also serves as a safety precaution to allow someone with the experience to address your spring issues and concerns.

Time to Choose a Spring Type

Now that you know how they are designed, it is time to decide whether you’re going to stick with what you have or try something new. Many people who have the extension springs already and have not had any problems with them tend to just keep them and have them cared for by our local service technicians. However, there are some who for fear of what could happen, will have the replaced with the spring system or torsion springs. They don’t often do this until one of their extension springs has broken. If you are having a home built and you are making a decision about your door, make sure you inquire about the type of springs that are going to be used. If you have a preference, based on your understanding of both types, you should certainly speak up before the door is completely installed. If you’re not sure which garage door springs are best for you, perhaps you need additional information, which any garage door service should willingly offer to you. You should make a well-informed decision.

Consider the Security Features

Your garage door springs offer convenience and they also offer safety features. If you didn’t have the garage door springs, you would have to get in and out of your car to open and close the door. Your garage door opener can’t operate without springs. Opening and closing your garage door could be a safety concern also. If you’re not paying close attention the door could malfunction and fall back down on you. Your garage door springs begin to show signs of distress long before this happens. As a homeowner, you’ll have to pay attention to the warning signs that serve to protect you from harm. If you would like to learn more about the security and safety features of your garage door springs, inquire. You should know everything that you want to know about your garage door so that you can be cautious when it is in use.

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